Whether it’s at home, at school or at the golf club, the safety, happiness and wellbeing of junior players should be our first priority.

There are a number of risks children can face when they’re involved in any sport, and golf is no exception. These include:  

  • Bullying by other children or adults
  • Adults who exploit their positions to gain access to children
  • Unrealistic expectations about performance
  • Poorly planned activities or events, which don’t make safety a priority
  • A lack of awareness that safety policies are even needed

Government advice and legislation explains that organisations who interact with children have a responsibility to protect them, and collaboration between organisations is the best way to understand child safety needs and policies. You can read more about this in Section 2.8 of “Working Together”. The SCiG Policy sets out our approach to this responsibility.

With clubs adapting the guidance to suit their needs and putting proper welfare policies in place, young adults, parents and golfing professionals can all feel better protected. We can never get rid of risks entirely, but we can do our best to offset them with education and workable systems.

These principles are the foundation for all the advice on this website:

  • The child’s welfare is paramount (a ‘child’ is defined as any young person under the age of 18);
  • All children – regardless of age, gender, racial origin, religious belief, sexual identity and any disability – have a right to enjoy sport, free from any kind of abuse or poor practice;
  • The governing bodies of golf, affiliated county unions, county associations and clubs have responsibilities for the welfare of children who take part in our sport.

We, the Safeguarding Children in Golf Strategy Group (SCiG), will maintain confidentiality in all cases involving child protection, in line with current legislation.

It should be understood that any reference on this website to ‘parents’ also refers to other adults who have legal care or guardianship of a child.